Year 3 Class Blog

Friday 27th January 2017

We have had another brilliant week in Year 3!



As part of our Great Britain topic we have tried some traditional Scottish food ‘Haggis.’ We all gave the new food a try even though some of us didn’t like it very much! We made a bar chart to show our opinions of the food, you can see it below.

As well as trying Haggis we have been looking at maps of the United Kingdom and have been identifying, naming and locating countries, cities and rivers!



In literacy this week we have continued reading our class book as well as having a grammar focus! We have looked at sentence structure and we can now identify a main clause and a subordinate clause in our writing! Some of us have also begun to use new interesting conjunctions such as although, if and even though!



In maths this week we have focused on missing number problems and worded problems involving division and multiplication. We have now finished our division and multiplication unit and we are looking forward to starting fractions next week.


Remember to check Mathletics every week as maths homework is now set on there.


Thank you for reading our blog!


Friday 20th January 2017

All this term we are going to be looking at our fantastic new topic ‘Great Britain.’ Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age? In Year 3 we have had a special visitor to our class. Andrew came into our class from the discovery centre to talk about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We looked at different artefacts from these prehistoric times and decided which age they were from. We worked in three different groups to complete the challenges Andrew set these included: being curators, archaeologist and inspectors. IMG_0651 Literacy

In literacy this week, we have started reading ‘How to Train Your Dragon.’ After reading the first chapter, we have looked at when to use an or a in our writing.  We have used everything we have learnt this week to write amazing instructions on how to catch a dragon. Here are some of our opinions on the book so far, Eleanor: “Amazing” Ruby: “Fantastic because of the adjectives used to describe Hiccup.” Mirren: “Funny because of the words used in the book.” Image result for how to train your dragon book  Maths

In maths this week, we have been looking at short division and have started to use the bus stop method. Our maths superstar for this week is Grace who has shown an amazing understanding of short division. Image result for bus stop method for division basic   Thank you for reading our class blog we have had a brilliant week!

Friday 18th November 2016

Ancient Egypt 

All this term we have been looking at Ancient Egypt! We have spoke about the famous people who were around in these times, the hieroglyphics and all about mummies!

We have studied different articles and sources to find out all the information we need to be experts on Pyramids and Pharaohs.

We even got a letter from the natural history museum!

Here is our display of all our amazing work including some written pieces and some drawings.

DSCF6921 DSCF6920











Wednesday 9th November 2016

Our new reading corner!

Take a peek at our new and updated reading corner (even with pug cushions)

This is a nice quiet space to read and look at all the lovely books on our shelf. The children can sit in groups and discuss the different themes in the book, or they can sit

independently and get lost in a new series!

DSCF6923DSCF6925 h h hh h h h hh   h hh Monday 31st October 2016

Amazing Ammonites

In science, we have been looking at all the different types of Ammonites! We even got chance to have a go at making our own, using clay. This recreated the look of a real fossil. We talked about what colour the original animals would have been.

DSCF6939 DSCF6938

 Welcome to the Year 3 class blog!

During this half term children in Year 3 have learnt about the famous artist L.S. Lowry, and have replicated some of his famous paintings.Year 3 Class Blog

Throughout this half term the class will be studying literacy, history, geography and art through the exciting topic ‘Night at the Museum’. Where a specific focus on Ancient Egypt will be taken for history and geography. The children will be looking at and answering the following key questions of:

  • where is Egypt?
  • what are hieroglyphs?
  • why was the River Nile important?
  • why were the pyramids built?
  • why were some people mummified?
  • what were canopic jars used for?

A further selection literacy foci will be: character descriptions, writing instructions and up-levelling sentences. Our class targets in numeracy this half term will focus around the number system. Where children will study place value, doubling and halving, and rounding as well as focusing on applying their knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. As well as having one focused morning work session a week on times tables. The children have P.E on Wednesdays and Thursdays.