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The SIMS Learning Gateway or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) provides secure online access to your child’s school information anytime, anywhere. It enables you as a parent to be engaged in the full life of your child’s school and their progress, including attendance, achievement, assessment and reports.

Parental engagement is vital to a child’s academic progress. Encouraging your children to work more independently can also pay dividends in the classroom.

Key benefits

    • Real-time information on your child’s progress available 24/7

      Secure online access to real-time data in SIMS 24/7 ensures that you do not need to rely on end of school year pupil reports.

    • Get closer to your child’s education

      SIMS Learning Gateway gives you instant access to your child’s attendance and achievement information, and provides a clearer picture of what they are learning so that you can follow them and provide better support from home.

    • Easy access to information

      Stay up-to-date with school events and activities online.

Report your child’s absence and check homework online.
Click on the link below to access the site: