Would you like to make a difference to your school environment?
Do you have an eye for art?
Do you have a natural flare for colours?
Do you like to use different medium to create this?
Look no, further help create a stimulating and exiting atmosphere through advanced art using different media.
Your work mounted and framed and displayed to all of the school and parents.  We are currently renewing the Art Gallery and you will be part of this.
You will be using different mediums to re-create these early paintings and learning many new skills along the way.
Any of the work which is of a high quality will be mounted framed and displayed around the school.


  • Understanding of art vocabulary
  • How to mix colours
  • Develop skills using different mediums
  • Develop a constructive and collaborative approach to art
  • Understand how art can tell a story and lift your spirits
  • Awareness of cost and care of art equipment
  • Consideration of tone, texture, weight, line etc.
  • Understanding aspect, perspective and ratio>


Are you a budding artist and want to show of your skills?
Do you have an eye for art work and colours?
Would you like to improve what you can produce?
Or do you just love to draw and colour?
Do you want your art work displayed around the school?
You will initially be looking at early history of human art, looking firstly at cave paintings then begin to investigate and experiment with these techniques to create similar examples.
You will be using different mediums to re-create these early paintings and learning many new skills along the way.
Any of the work which is of a high quality will be mounted framed and displayed around the school. 


  • Understanding of art vocabulary
  • How to mix colours
  • Develop skills using different mediums
  • Appreciating of others work
  • Understand how art can tell a story
  • Awareness of cost and care of art equipment
  • Consideration of tone, texture, weight, line etc.

Keep up with the latest technologies.
Develop a variety of technical skills that can be applied across other areas.
If this sounds fun then this is the place for you;
Come along and create your own animation make and edit video sequences and explore new software ‘Tab kids’ and movie maker.
Present your work to others in the groups and possibly the school. SKILLS

  • Develop confidence using new technologies.
  • Apply skills to produce a piece of animated works.
  • Understand the technical issues e.g. lighting, contrasts, focus, and how this is applied to a modern digital device and how this impacts on the quality of the outcome or finished product.
  • Develop confidence using new technologies.
  • Apply skills to produce a piece of animated works.
  • Understand the technical issues e.g. lighting, contrasts, focus, and how this is applied to a modern digital device and how this impacts on the quality of the outcome or finished product.

Do you want to make your teacher happy?
Do you find it difficult to make time and space at home to do your homework?
Do you forget to bring your things home?
Are you able to tick the box every week to say you have done your homework?
Do you want to improve your learning?
Make life even easier on yourself, come to the homework club on a Friday and get your homework done in a safe and supportive learning environment before the weekend starts. SKILLS

  • Improve your skills.
  • Have smaller class size to work in.
  • Work with differing abilities and ages.
  • Develop confidence in areas of learning.
  • Have focused 1 to 1 intervention.
  • Access to support materials books, laptop, i-pad to help your learning.
  • Develop a more positive attitude to learning.

5 ORAL STORYTIME (ADVANCED) Do you like to tell a story or do you love to listen to the story and have the most wonderful images painted through words???
If so this could be the course for you!
We will be using paintings, posters and objects to stimulate and prompt ideas for you to tell a story.
NO WRITING!, just all words, orally like people used to do in ancient times.
We will learn traditional tales form around the world and make up our own stories.
We can be creative and record our film and stories to present to children around the school. We could perform them in assembly even run it on digital signage for all the parents to see! The opportunities are endless.  Hours of fun story telling without picking up a pen or pencil. How cool is that!
Even incorporating puppets to create new characters and personalise parts and voices. SKILLS

  • Developing imagination and creativity.
  • Memory/learning off by heart.
  • Speaking skills.
  • Perfomance skills.
  • Improving listening skills.
  • Increase confidence when performance speaking to an audience.
  • Collaboration and teamwork.

Do you love to listen to music?
Can you pick out a rhythm or a beat when you are listening to songs?
Would you like to be part of a band?
Look no further Recorders could be for you?
Year 2 and older come and join the fun. Learn to read music?
Understand the lengths of the notes and start to appreciate and listen to each other and play in tune and in time.
The course will culminate in a whole school or assembly performance of your new musical skills.
Throughout the course you be learning new notes B,A,G,E and D.
Developing a better understanding of how to use your tuned instrument, the recorder. SKILLS

  • Develop appreciation skills.
  • Learn to play a tuned instrument in time and together.
  • Understanding names of notes and their length.
  • Being more confident with musical vocabulary, tone, pitch, pace, beat.
  • Know the length of notes and their names.

Do you want to exercise your body and mind?
Get fit?
Learn some new skills?
Have fun?
Then come along to sports sessions and try out new games develop co-ordination improve ball skills. Develop your team playing skills and observe and understand new sporting techniques that can be applied to many situations.
From gymnastics to rugby. Come along keep fit have fun with friends and learn new skills developing confidence in areas of sport in a relaxed safe environment. SKILLS

  • Observation skills.
  • Hand eye coordination.
  • Ball control skills.
  • Develop physical confidence when challenging others in a game situation.
  • Appreciate others skills and techniques and through a coaching style enhance your own.

Join Miss Swift and Viv in the Kitchen , creating and preparing and cooking your favorite foods.
Research ideas, prepare a recipe book and cook , bake and evaluate your work together.
Impress your family & friends with delicious, scrumptious and appetizing food options. SKILLS

  • Time management.
  • Transferable life skills.
  • Independence.
  • Research skills.
  • Arts & Crafts/creativity.
  • Health and Hygiene.
  • Safety in the workplace.
  • Develop skillful evaluation processes of others work.

Do you like to tell a story?
Are you creative?
If so then this group could be for you!
Using microphones and voice recorders you will be creating your own stories.
Through drama and pictures you will be reenacting these.
You may give a performance to others in a group or on a bigger scale if you feel up to it.
You will be listening to and reading and writing your own favourites.
Using finger puppets and story boards you can bring your most special story to life.
Bring along your most treasured story from memory in a book or on CD.
Let the fun begin! SKILLS

  • Share time together listening to stories.
  • Have fun sharing your favourite moments from a book.
  • Consider what makes the story so special.
  • Experiment with different words and bring your story to life through speaking and listening & drama.
  • Consider alternative endings.
  • Think about the characters and how the author wants them to feel.
  • Visualise settings develop empathy for characters and consider the mood the story creates for you.

My drama group will consists of completing a variety of drama based games and activities.
We will look at different techniques used in drama and then put these new skills into practice by creating and performing a short production.
An introductory game of ‘Hot Seat’ will help you to become familiar with each other, promoting confidence and self esteem within the group.
Short games such as ‘There is only one liar’ will help you to understand how their own actions can affect other people’s thoughts /feelings towards them.
Other activities will include ‘World Tennis’ and ‘One Word Story Games’.
These will encourage independent thinking skills and allow children to use their imagination and creativity.
You will then have the opportunity to fine tune your acting skills based on learning through focused role-play, still and ‘freeze frames’, improvisation, monologues and short performances to the group. SKILLS

  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Speaking and listening
  • Confidence
  • Self-Esteem

11 BANG!
Children will experience:
Rhythm and beats, they will be using  tuned and non tuned percussion instruments.
They will have the opportunity to play instruments on their own.
They will play i n a group or small band to deliver a mini performance.
Appreciating the latest music and picking out musical elements to discuss and later perform. SKILLS

  • Creating Own music
  • Develop  musical vocabulary
  • Writing music
  • Basic reading music

Do you have an eye for what makes a good photograph?
Do you like technology?
Do you enjoy taking holiday snaps with your family?
Then join the group and learn how to make photographs even better.
Develop composition – how to compose shots using the rule of thirds to gain a maximum WOW factor!
Portraiture – how to pose subjects in different poses when shooting portraits of people just like the models!
Lighting – learn how to use available light and flash to get different effects.
Depth of field – learn how to manually set cameras to ensure a clear in focus photograph from foreground to background out of focus when needed.
ISO settings – begin to understand how to use cameras ISO settings for different lighting settings.
Self portraits – learn how to use cameras and their self-timers to take photographs of yourself!
Come along and learn how to take better photographs and get a feel of how the professionals do it! SKILLS

  • Composition
  • Portraiture
  • Lighting
  • Depth of field
  • ISO settings
  • Self portraits

For those budding artists and those who prefer to use  pencils than felt tips and paints, for those of you who want to add that extra detail to your already neat artwork in lessons in order to create ‘real-life’ drawings in the style of a real artist then sketching could be for you.
You will learn how to draw/shade using only lead pencil to create life-like detailed artwork which stands out from the rest!
You will need a steady hand and lots of patience.
You will learn hand eye– coordination using only the simplest of artists’ tools a PENCIL!
You will be producing quality portraits and still life drawings fit for a display for all in and around your classroom and the school. SKILLS

  • Tone
  • Line
  • Hand/eye Coordination
  • Develop a steady hand
  • Develop patience
  • Appreciate fine detail

Are you eager to get stuck in?
Do you like to use you hands to construct and build?
Do you want to enhance the outside environment?
This could be the course for you!
Working in a small group closely supported by adults you will be making blocks out of wood for construction.
You will need patience commitment and strength to create safe smooth blocks for other children to use.
You will need to measure accurately and use a selection of craft/woodwork tools to make high quality pieces of wood. SKILLS

  • Measuring
  •  Using toolsConsidering & maintaining a healthy and safe working environment.
  • Consider materials and tools fit for the purpose
  • Experience using new equipment that can be transferred to other life skills.

Have you got a younger brother or sister?
Would you like to help more around the home?
Are you interested in early child development?
This could be for you!
Working closely with the nursery staff you would have the opportunity to identify target children and be partly responsible for their development during your session.
Consider different activities and how these develop the child’s learning.
Create activities that stimulate the mind and body.
Understand the needs of a young child and consider how you can support them through discussion and questioning.
Create your own log of events and plan with the staff to create simple activities that will stimulate the young learner. SKILLS

  • Experience early learning.
  • Plan and create stimulating learning environments.
  • Consider your questioning to promote understanding.
  • Make a log book of these experiences.
  • Work alongside adult carers.
  • Begin to understand the basic needs of an early learner in a school setting.

Come along and join n the fun. Activate your minds and experience the fun of Drama.
Develop your skills and confidence with Speaking & listening.
Create different characters and roles, building up a bank of drama techniques that can be applied to many situations.
Perform your work to others in a safe relaxed environment.
Culmination of all your hard work in a professional performance in the Drama Festival at the Lamproom Theatre in Barnsley. SKILLS

  • Speaking & listening
  • Developing performance techniques
  • Improve confidence and self esteem
  • Understand key elements of Drama
  • Ability to critique others work positively
  • The Opportunity to experience the delivery of a professional performance in theatrical surroundings in your local town of Barnsley.

Do you like to listen to music?
Would you like to learn to play and instrument and read music?
Do you have a guitar? If so even better, this could be for you!
Be part of something special.
In a supportive environment work together and begin to play simple notes and sounds together.
Develop appreciation skills by listening to each other.
Play simple pieces together and as a solo alone in the group.
Begin to use musical vocabulary confidently.
Keep practicing and you could be the next Ed sheeran – you may be doing your own solo in the hall! Ben did! SKILLS

  • Understanding  & using musical vocabulary
  • Developing appreciation skills
  • Reading musical notation
  • Developing a deeper understanding of the guitar and its different parts.
  • Working together and supporting each other.
  • Developing basic guitar skills, holding , posture etc

Do you enjoy books?
Are you good at organising?
Would you like to learn how to use the electronic programme for cataloguing books in our library?
Would you like to be part of a team of librarians who will maintain the library making it easy to use by everyone?
Would you like to be responsible for a section of our library making sure that books are in the correct place, correctly labeled and catologued?
Then being a librarian could be for you, come and help us make our library one of the best in Barnsley. SKILLS

  • Understanding of how our library works.
  • Love of books.
  • Being good at organising.
  • Developing additional computer skills.
  • Friendly and helpful.
  • Good at displays.