We are required by the government to publish end of Key Stage assessments for the children in Year 6 in Reading, Writing and Maths. In the summer of 2018, 32 children from Y6 children were the 3rd cohort to be assessed on the new curriculum and more challenging assessments. After the children had taken the tests in Reading, Maths and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling a statistical scaled mark/measure was decided as a national benchmark and all children that reached or exceeded that mark were deemed to have met the expected standard. An even higher pass mark, if achieved, was identified as the writing was teacher assessed, but the criteria for the expected standard was set at a higher level than previous years.

Below is a table with the information for the school.

  • Standards at KS2 for maths are slightly above National, in reading and writing these figures are below.
  • Standards in KS1 were marginally below National in reading and writing. Maths was broadly inline.
  • Y1 phonics – 79% (81%) – Phonics is on an upward trend and has been tackled in 2017-18 through a managed approach that has created earlier focus and greater consistency in delivery. This now needs embedding more consistently from September and has a clearly timetabled and phased approach.
  • EYFS GLD – 75% (71.5%)This is above National and was assessed externally by the Early Years team in June 2018 who quality assured this as an accurate reflection of the outcomes of this cohort.
  • Progress in Maths has been a focus of the school and in KS2 is above National, however this needs further focusing and embedding this year being developed both in KS1 & KS2 to ensure progress from KS1 is maintained to the end of KS2 and that KS1 is inline and above National. Writing, Reading & SpaG will form the focus of the school development priorities for the leadership team and staff, alongside bespoke CPD to enhance this further for next year.
  • 66% (78%) Although SpaG has improved from last year it is still not in line with National and needs to be addressed accordingly. A more embedded and consistent approach to the delivery of first wave, quality teaching in Literacy with a new timetable to focus on this area throughout the school.

(%) figures in brackets are National or LA actual percentages achieved. (na%) is in place until comparative figures are calculated and available.

KS2 2018 Cohort Numbers Actual (Expected) Achieving a High Standard Progress measure Average scaled score
Reading 32 56.2% (75%) 31% (21%) -1.6 103/105
Writing 32 66% (78%) 3% (na%) -3.2
Mathematics 32 78% (76%) 16% (na%) -0.9 103/104
Combined R W and Maths 32 50% (na%) 3% (na%) n/a n/a
SPAG 32 66% (78%) 15.4% (na%) n/a n/a


Y2 KS1 2018  May Expected Greater depth
Reading 71.4% (75.5%) 25.0% (25.6%)
Writing 64.3%  (70.0%) 7.1% (15.9%)
Maths 75.0%  (76.2%)  21.4% (21.8%)
R,W&M combined. 64.3% LA – (63.0%) 3.6% (11.7%)

Further information can be obtained from the Department for Education website www.education.gov.uk/schools/performance.