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Sports Premium

Implementing the “Sports Premium” in our School.

School sports premium

Implementing the “Sports Premium” in our School.

The Government has given every Primary School funding to develop Physical Education and competitive sport.  We received £8,200.  The aim of this funding is higher quality lessons and improved learning for all children. It is expected that there will be greater participation and children will gain new skills and experiences and teachers will learn new techniques and knowledge to aid them in teaching sport and PE.

At our school we have used this funding to:

  • · Increase the amount of competitive sport that our children participate in.
  • . Purchased  a trampoline to develop Active Phonics to raise attainment.
  • · Purchased an Apple TV for each classroom and up grade the projector in the hall.
  •   Staff training
  •   Sports events and markings
  •   Additional equipment for use at playtimes

This is to enable staff and pupils to review PE activities and discuss ways of improving. This was a recommendation from our PE inspection in 2011 and also commented on during our 2013 Ofsted inspection.

  • · Purchase of 15 balance bikes for Reception and Year 1
  • · Purchase additional equipment including a junior treadmill and air walker
  • · Provide training for Sports Leaders
  • · Provide a contribution to the  Area Sports Coordinator
  • · Provide internal training for staff using our specialist sports teachers and coaches to work alongside class teachers in lessons
  • · Establish links to other community sports providers
  • · Develop additional clubs and activities for children, outside the curriculum
  • · Encourage our children to improve their leadership skills through sport
  • · Give extra support in PE to our most talented children and include those with special needs in sport

The impact of this funding is that the teaching of PE has improved and that all children have access to high quality equipment. The use of the balance bikes in Reception and Y1 as well as for children with under developed motor skills has resulted in improved balance and coordination. We have a greater number of children participating in inter school sports competitions as well as older children in school acting as Sports Leaders.

Please follow this link to the latest Youth Sport Trust Sporting Start magazine.