Sport Updates

Sports Events!

***Friday 21st September 2018-Y1/2 Cross country @ Hoyland springwood ***

***Friday 5th October 2018-Y3/4 Cross country @ Birdwell ***

***Friday 12th October 2018-Y5/6 Hi Fi Netball @ Hoyland Common ***

***Friday 19th October 2018-Y3/4 Hockey@ Hoyland Springwood ***

***Friday 9th November 2018-Y3/4 Football @ West Meadows ***

***Friday 16th November 2018-Y5/6 Football@ West Meadows ***

***Friday 7th December 2018-Y1/2 Gymnastics @ West Meadows***

***Monday 7th January 2019 -Whole school Freddy Fit***


Check this page for regular updates, photos and videos on all the sporting events throughout the year.  All information about sporting events will be posted to this page and the schools Facebook page.

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