Birdwell Primary School

School Meals Policy and Procedures

Dear Parent/Carer

Due to the large amount of debt that has built up on school dinner accounts the Governors have had to implement a strict, no debt, School Meals Policy.

A copy of the full policy is available to view on the school website or by request from the school office.

The main points of the policy are as follows:

  • Children eligible for Free School Meals will continue to receive a meal each day.
  • If you pay for your child’s school meals, you MUST pay in advance for them.
  • If you genuinely forget to pay for meals in advance, school will allow you to go up to a debt of £10.00 (1 week)
  • Debts will be checked weekly, and if this amount has been reached you will be contacted immediately and you MUST either bring your child a packed lunch or collect them and take them home for lunch until the debt is paid in full.

Parents have a duty of care to provide a lunch time meal for their child.

We will be following these guidelines very strictly and would appreciate your cooperation; as the changes to school budgets mean that debts will have to be covered from money that would normally be spent on your child’s education.

We hope that by implementing this debt policy we are able to help parents/guardians manage dinner money better and at the same time ensure that the school budget is used for your children’s education.

If you have concerns please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Bailey or Mrs Sykes in school.

Yours sincerely

Mr T Bell, Chairperson Birdwell Primary School Governing Body.

Birdwell Primary School

School Meals Debt Policy and Procedures


Birdwell Primary School will ensure that all parents are aware of this policy in the following ways:-

  •  A letter to parents
  • The School Prospectus
  •  The School Website

Parents are welcome to request a printed copy from the school office.

The following options for lunch times are offered for all children:-

  •  School Meal
  • Packed Lunch from home
  •  Lunch at home


  •  Packed Lunches should be brought to school each day and placed in the classroom box
  •  School does NOT allow any fizzy drinks or sweets in Lunch Boxes
  •  All wrappers/leftovers will be returned home in Lunch Boxes to inform parents of amount eaten/uneaten


  •  Any child going home for lunch MUST be collected and returned to school at the appropriate times by a responsible adult


Children eligible for free school meals will receive a meal of their choice each day


  • All school meals MUST be paid for in advance
  •  No child should be sent to school without payment and expect to be given a meal
  •  Payment can be made by Cash or Cheque (payable to Birdwell Primary School) via the dinner money machine located in the school dining room


  •  The maximum debt allowed is £10.00 (1 week)
  • Parents will be alerted initially by letter and expected to pay the debt before any more school meals are provided

If no response is received after receiving the letter parents will be contacted by telephone and asked to:-

  •  Bring in the money owed or
  •  Bring a packed lunch in before lunchtime or
  •  Arrange to take their child home for lunch

If the parent does not comply with any of these options a debt letter will be sent to parents by post.

This Debt Policy is intended to help parents/guardians manage school dinner money better and at the same time ensure that the school budget is utilised for the education of the children in our care.