Reception Class Blog 17/18

          Here is a space where we as a class, can share and celebrate our exciting work and displays.

This Blog will be frequently updated with news and any information important to the class.

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As a school all classes have been learning about Remembrance, and why people wear a poppy for the 11th of November. We held a one minute silence around our memorial garden, to remember all the soldiers.

In Reception class, we also have been learning using the poppies, counting them and adding two groups together, as well as painting and creating cards and art work inspired by the poppies.























Pumpkin Carving!

We had an amazing pumpkin bought for us in our reception class! So we decided to carve it as a whole class.

First, we had to scoop out all the seeds, and we talked about how they felt and smelt! Then we picked a design and worked with adults to carve it out. We had a great circle time on this to talk about all the spooky words we could come up with, and the feelings we felt when we looked at the finished pumpkin.

“I’m really surprised, because I’ve not carved pumpkins before”

“I love our pumpkin, its really funny”

“The teeth are really spooky, I love it”

Take a Look!













Spooky Skeletons

We had a full week of funny bones this week, looking at all the different bones in the human body! We also read the stories as a whole class and acted out the different characters in role play activities.

To continue our interests in bones, we made some spooky art work based on the two characters featured in the funny bones books.

Take a look!




Hedgehog Artwork

Following on with the Autumn display we decided to create some hedgehog artwork with the remaining leaves and 3D materials. We talked about the features of a hedgehog and how it has lots of spikes. We created this by using the spiky sides of the leaves, and some twigs.

Take a look at our work!

DSCF5777 DSCF5776

DSCF5775    DSCF5778


Minion Island!

As part of the minion topic, we have been talking about the different places the minions come from, and one of these places is minion island!

This included group discussions on how islands are formed, and how they are always surrounded by water. We also talked about what can feature on an island, such as rivers and forests, and the different wildlife in these areas.

We even made our very own island, including our minions we created and painted.

Take a look at minion island!










Minion Mania!

In the next few weeks we will be learning all about minions!

We will be talking about how all minions are different and what makes each one special. They all have different interests and feelings too.

We can also use our minions for counting and making sentences about how they feel.

Take a look at some of the amazing work we have already done!




Welcome to reception class 2017!

We have had a very fun and exciting start to our school year.

This week, as the seasons have begun to change, we are learning all about autumn and how this season looks. We have also been talking about what festivals take place in the autumn months, such as harvest festival.

Take a look at the autumn display the children have created themselves!