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Dear Parent/Carer,

The children came back after lockdown full of energy and positivity. They have shown resilience and a mature attitude towards their learning. We are trying to make school an experience which is as normal as possible within the constraints that we find ourselves. We have now started to run individual class celebration assemblies from the hall including the ‘RED CARPET’. The children have been enjoying their new topics.

  • Reception: Once Upon a Time looking at Traditional Stories
  • Y1 and Y2: Then and Now with a focus of life in the Victorian Times
  • Y3 and Y4: Ancient Rome – History Heroes or Rotten Villains?
  • Y5: Harry Potter
  • Y6: Shakespeare’s Macbeth


  • EYFS outdoor area: created new areas to enhance provision, re-developed the forest school area.
  • Learning spaces and communal areas: modernising with paint and updating with learning vinyls to create an immersive experience.

We will update the BLOGS as this develops over the summer months.


This has been such an important factor when we initially invited the children back into the School mid-term in March.  Our focus was around positivity, ‘The Birdwell Rules’ and the outdoors. We encouraged all children to take regular exercise, engage in sports activities and access the daily mile making use of our wonderful field. We have teamed up with REDS to engage in several sporting and wellbeing activities both in and out of school, alongside some exciting adventures with companies that will deliver archery, frisbee throwing and wall climbing over the next few months.  We have had a fantastic uptake on girl’s football with nearly 50 children attending every week with three coaches. Due to this, school has invested in an extension of this and will pay for a further 9 sessions to be delivered up until the summer.  We are hoping to be involved in the new ‘Beat the Street’ sessions for this year. Keep a look out for information via School Comms regarding this.


Although restrictions continue to lift around Covid, could you please ensure that you remain vigilant with your child. Please DO NOT send them to school with ANY Covid symptoms. We are trying to help you and your child by following strict guidelines within school to remain open but we can’t do this without your support.  Please remain distanced of 1 metre + and wear face masks. Very little with regard to the current set up has changed in any recent educational guidance.


On the 22nd and 23rd June children in school will get the opportunity to meet their new teachers and visit the classroom. Year 6 children will also be visiting Kirk Balk on these two days. Children attending other secondary schools will have their own transition dates. We will keep you posted regarding further details about transition.




We are hoping to invite new starters and their parents to visit the class and meet the teachers before the summer. We will plan staggered parent visits in small groups over the coming weeks.


Unfortunately, face to face consultations have not been possible this year. However, you will receive your child’s school report next half term and you will have the opportunity to discuss this further with the class teacher during a telephone consultation, if required.


We are currently looking into trips that can take place before the summer is out. We are aware of costs which is why we will try and subsidise. We are also looking into the residential visits for Year 5 and 6 to take place in September/October.


We are hoping to be lucky enough with more relaxed Covid conditions to host a “Summer Sports fun Day” event on the school field. This will consist of a central area where children will engage in fun sporting activities whilst parents can socialise around the edge with their own picnic blanket or chairs. (WEATHER PERMITTING) Classes will be called for the events where parents can watch the fun! We are looking at a selection of engaging and fun-to-watch games that everyone can have a go at without too much pressure. Dates to be confirmed.

School ends on Friday 16th July and resumes again on Thursday September the 2nd.

Have a safe and well deserved half term break and see you ready and fresh for the final 6 weeks of the Summer term on Monday the 7th June 2021.


From Mr Bailey and the Birdwell Team








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