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British Values

How we actively promote British values

Our school vision sets out our priorities until March 2017 and our school values of:- Commitment to improve, Achievement for all, Teamwork, Respect – contributions are valued, Openness, Honesty/ appropriate Feedback, Accountability are embedded in the vision. These are taught discretely as part of our Personal, Social and Health education curriculum, as well as modelled throughout the school day across all areas of the curriculum and in our collective worship. Our reward systems reinforce our expectations to ensure that they are the basis of our school ethos.


Birdwell Primary School

Our School Vision

  • Continue to raise standards for all learners, with a focus on closing the gap in attainment through continued staff development and mastery teaching.



  • Produce confident and enthusiastic teachers and learners who are prepared for the 21st   century, by using technology safely and developing an understanding of computing and programming.


  • For staff and children to experience an exciting broad and balanced curriculum which supports the child in being a well-rounded learner, who is resilient,  independent,  respectful of diversity and can manage change.