“The Barnsley School’s Alliance is committed to securing strong and safe remote education across the borough. We recognise that each school is unique and differences in size, capacity and community context will influence the school’s chosen approach. The Barnsley School’s Alliance supports teachers and school leaders to use their professional judgment in determining the most appropriate strategies and approaches for their pupils. As a result, provision may look slightly different from school to school, but should not differ in quality and effectiveness.”

Birdwell Remote Learning Policy

Birdwell Online Learning principles; (non- negotiables)

Mixture of learning including live and pre-recorded
Frequent and clear teacher explanations
Fluid approaches that helps those with issues to be targeted or supported as required
Building learning on prior knowledge which is sequential
Share knowledge and expertise
Model and scaffold learning
Develop independence with using and applying skills and reduce screen time
Timely and frequent feedback
Accurate and meaningful assessment
CPD to enhance teacher delivery including peer support
Actual daily teaching and not just sharing lists of things to do
Overarching planning that underpins the daily delivery
Deliver an approach that allows parents to dip in and out of learning
Regular teaching of reading / Phonics / VIPERS
Delivery approaches that helps parents to help their child
Opportunities to share best practice within school- Internal review
Offering a broad and balanced curriculum – PE/Science/Topic/Art/DT/MFL/Music/RE
Monitor effectiveness – review with SLT/Staff strengths and areas to develop
Continue to promote consistent behaviour expectations “The Birdwell Way”
Monitor the attendance of pupils and make contact if any concerns or alert SGL
Create routines that enable children to feel part of a community
Monitor attendance of vulnerable children and provide information to support completion of weekly safeguarding tracker
Be aware of good online safety practices to keep yourself and children as safe as possible
Maintain regular, positive, constructive, professional communications with parents that support them with assisting their child with online learning
Reinforcing clarity around expectations for learning that are manageable and reasonable for different individualcircumstances

Dear parents/carers

This letter looks at online learning expectations and what parents can do to help along with a request for feedback and support so we can understand some of the issues people are experiencing and see if we can unpick this further and develop our offer as time progresses.  Included in this is also a note from the Governors to the parents.

Hopefully we will get some constructive feedback that I can share with the school or each class.

Thank you

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Here are a selection of resources for your child to access to continue learning.

Having conversations around what they have read and what they have enjoyed would be really beneficial. Times tables is also a skill that can be practiced at home in short bursts and on times table rock stars.


Here you can choose the relevant year group and select the area of learning for more resources, videos and games!





Magazines to support with reading Key stage 1 and 2 

Phonics Bloom- Free phonics games for key stage 1

Phonics Play- free phonics games for key stage 1 


Twinkl-free home learning printable resources 

Oxford Owl- free reading activities available