31 Children


  1. Attainment


Pupils At the Standard                         94%

Pupils Above the Standard                  58%


  1. Attainment in Swimming

Pupils access 15 hours of swimming lessons in Year 4. This age group is specifically targeted as it is a successful age group for converting non-swimmers into swimmers. Swimming is taught in 15 hours over a 15 week period. The rationale behind this is that the extended time in the pool, receiving tuition, alongside constant lessons (week after week) has a successful outcome in making sure that all children will learn how to swim 25 metres.


The results for the Y4 cohort, of 2018/19, are as follows:


Pupils able to swim 25m                                             94%

Pupils using a range of strokes effectively                  58%

Pupils able to perform Self Rescue*                            58%


*Self Rescue skills in a range of different water based situations


Click on the link below to view the impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium 2018/2019.