The school Governing Body oversees the running of the school and advises the Head about certain aspects of school policy. Our governors are all actively involved in many aspects of school life, and are committed to the development of Birdwell School. We have recently reconstituted the Governing Body and have a total of 9 Governors who are appointed on the skills they can offer the school. Some of these Governors are parents who will be happy to listen to any comments about the school. Some of these governors currently have children in school: Ms L. Cook and Mr. J. Rayner.

How the Governing Body’s statements of principles informs the behaviour policy.

The responsibility for the care and welfare of a child at school rests with the Head teacher, who relies on the teaching and support staff to deal sympathetically with day to day problems as they arise.

Our first concern is safety and children are expected to behave in a sensible manner. Children are expected to be polite, well mannered and to act in a thinking, caring way towards each other and adults. This behaviour should be modelled by staff as well as parents when they are on the school premises.

The approach to discipline is positive. Appropriate behaviour is constantly rewarded with praise. The whole school has developed a set of ‘Birdwell Golden Rules’, which children have helped to write. These are as follows:

  1. Respect our school and play your part in looking after it.
  2. Respect other people and try to be friendly, honest,  kind and polite to all. Use good manners.
  3. Try to do your best work and help others to do their best.
  4. Welcome visitors and new school members to the school.
  5. Be kind to other people. Look for ‘good’ in people.
  6. Treat others as you want them to treat you.

Sanctions are adopted for unacceptable behaviour in line with the behaviour policy. There is no place for violence, bullying, harassment (including racial or sexual), vandalism, rudeness, or bad language in the school community and these will always be discouraged.

Julie Coultas Chair of Governors
Community Governor
Personnel & Curriculum 14/06/2023
A. Bennett Staff 30/04/25
Nigel Bailey Head Teacher
Alice Thompson Co-opted Governor Personnel & Curriculum 15/11/2023
Lynne Cook Co-opted Governor Finance & Premises 04/03/2022
Julie Bruck Co-opted – Vice Chair Finance & Premises 09/06/2022
Stephanie  Liles-Wood Parent Governor Personal & Curriculum 18/10/2024
Diane Sykes Staff Governor Finance & Premises 11/06/2025
Rose  Cooper Parent  Governor Personal & Curriculum 11/06/2023