Over the last few months one of our Parent Governors, Sam Bharath has been collecting views and questions from parents. Below are some our responses.

Parent Comment/Question School Response
Could the school issue receipts for items such as DVDs/Panto so that parents have proof of payment? This is something we can easily accommodate.
Could there be more focus on Sport and more team games, particularly for the younger children. Could we have a football team/netball team/rounders team? We already have a strong focus on sport and participate in all the inter school competitions in the local area (winning a number of them). Younger children mainly focus on developing their skills so that they can use them in team games further up school. We already have football, karate and dance after school, so we have a limited number of children who are able to take part in after school activities as they have other after school commitments.
Coats in the corridor sometimes block fire exits. Can we have more pegs? We will check the number and if more are required then we will get some fixed. We have addressed this and have an ongoing programme of  monitor the school spaces working closely with the Governors and the cleaners.
Is there sufficient supervision at lunchtime? Following Local Authority Guidelines the school undertakes a risk assessment. Based on our school and numbers we have more than the recommended number of adults supervising children. We have increased the number of SMSA and play leader staff during lunch hours.
My child doesn’t get enough Maths Homework This has been raised by the Parents Council and so there is now more maths homework. We have tried many alternative homework options using grids and have now established a good use of Mathletics and other online web based maths learning platforms that can be accessed in and out of school to support your child’s learning further.
I feel Parents are expected to continue teaching when the child comes home. I don’t want to force my child to do homework. We have tried to address this by designing the homework grid so a child has more choice. When speaking to the School Council they said they enjoy having a choice and this makes them want to do the homework. We do see a direct link between the child that does their homework and the standard of work they achieve in school.
The homework needs to be more structured to an individual child’s needs. We agree it would be ideal to have a personalised programme for each child, but our initial aim is to engage children in homework so that they want to do it. The grid system has resulted in more children completing homework. Children will complete work at their own level so to some extent it does fit with their needs. We are continually refining our system. With the introduction of more maths homework we can better meet individual need. Using our online learning platforms for example Mathletics this has gone some way to addressing this issue.

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