All complaints that the school receives will be taken seriously.  In many cases it will be possible for an immediate response to be given.  However, if the complaint is of a particularly serious nature and cannot be dealt with immediately, it will be investigated and a response given in the timescales outlined below.  Please be assured that every effort will be made by the school to reach an appropriate resolution.

Informal Procedure

If you feel you need further clarification about concerns that you have regarding what the school is doing for your child then it is important to contact their class teacher.

Please make an appointment to see your child’s class teacher.  You should expect an appointment within 1 week of requesting one.

During the meeting your child’s class teacher will listen to your concerns and then give one of two responses:

  • An immediate response to your concerns, or
  • An invitation to a further meeting to take place within 2 weeks.  This will give time to the teacher to look into the matter you raise more fully.  At the next meeting a response will be given to your concern and confirmed in writing in 10 working days. 

Formal Procedure

If you are not happy with the response you have received in the informal procedure or you feel that your original concern is of a more serious nature, then it is important to make use of the school’s formal procedure as follows:

  • Making a complaint about an aspect of education we provide should be done by contacting the Headteacher or other member of the Senior Management Team personally, by email or in writing.
  • The school will acknowledge your complaint in writing within 5 working days of receiving it.
  • You will be given an opportunity to meet with the Headteacher or other member of the Senior Management Team.
  • You may seek support from a friend or advocate if you need help in presenting your complaint.
  • If you wish to make a complaint on behalf of someone else, you will be required to seek his or her agreement, to keep matters confidential.  This agreement will be required in writing.
  • The school will look into your complaint and tell you what they find and what action they are going to take, if any.
  • You will be advised in writing, of any other action or decision taken within 10 working days of making the complaint.
  • If you are not satisfied with the way the school has handled the complaint or with the response, the next stage is to contact the Chair of the Governing Body in writing via the school.  This must be done within 15 working days following the Headteacher’s response. 

 The Chair of the Governing Body can be contacted as follows:

Birdwell Primary School

Sheffield Road



S70 5XB

  • Parents/carers may contact the Chair of the Governing Body via the school in writing.  Birdwell Primary School will arrange for the chairperson of the governing body to investigate complaint on behalf of the complainant. 
  • The Chair of governors will acknowledge receipt of a written complaint within 10 working days and inform the parent/carer of the procedure to be followed. 
  • The Chair of Governors will investigate the complaint within 15 working days of receiving the request. 
  • The Chair of Governors may invite you to a meeting with the Headteacher to hear the outcome of the investigation and reach a resolution. 
  • The parent/carer and the Headteacher may be accompanied by a friend/or advocate/or professional association representative. 

Appeal Procedure

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the Chairperson you may appeal to an appeal committee of the Governing Body. This complaint must be made within 15 working days following the outcome of the Chairperson’s findings. The decision reached by the Appeals Committee is final.

Note:  Parents are advised that this procedure must be strictly followed in its entirety.

Dealing with Malicious and Vexatious Complaints

The procedure outlined above is specifically related to parents whose pupils attend Birdwell Primary School. Where a member of public wishes to make a complaint against an employee of school, the school will initially deal with the complaint however they need to be made aware of the following:

  1. Where the complaint relates to whistle blowing regarding the professional conduct of a member of staff, or matters directly connected to their terms of employment, then the school will investigate the allegations internally. However this will be a confidential matter, in accordance with staff disciplinary procedures, and as such it would be inappropriate to share outcomes with members of the public. The Complaints Procedure will not be applicable in this situation and will therefore cease.
  2. It is not the business of the School Governing Body to deal in matters that are personal grievances or civil disputes. Where the school receives malicious and vexatious complaints of this nature then the school complaints procedure will not be followed.

In both of the situations outlined (above), and where the school complaints procedure does not apply, the complainant will be contacted in writing by the person handling the complaint with a full and frank explanation as to why this decision has been made.

Complaints Procedure for Pupils with SEND

  • If you have concerns about your child’s progress you should speak to your child’s class teacher initially.
  • If you are not happy that the concerns are being managed and that your child is still not making progress you should speak to the School Senco or Headteacher
  • If you are still not happy you can speak to the school SEND Governor (see SEND Policy).
  • If the issue still is not resolved, parents would be advised to go to the Complaints Procedure which is there to guide you when making a complaint. This can be found on the school website or alternatively a copy can be requested from the school office.