Chocolate Advertisement Posters

As part of our mini topic on Chocolate, we designed our own chocolate bars.  We produced advertisement posters, using appropriate techniques, such as: catchy slogans; rhetorical questions; special offers; quotes; bright colours; and bold writing.

The posters were judged (by independent judges) to see which posters appealed to them.  See why the following posters were chosen.



“I liked the layout and style of this advertisement.  I thought that the slogan was clever by using a play on words.  I also like the special offer.”

(Thomas Rees – age 9)



“This poster had loads of detail to it.  I liked all the colours because it stood out.  It had neat, fancy writing.”

(Eddy Rees – age 6)



“This is an eye-catching design and you can tell that a lot of time and care has been taken over it.  It has a consistent look – all in capitals – and looks professional.  I’m also sick of last minute Valentine’s Day presents and anything recommended by the Queen has to be good!”

(Paul Rees)



Last Wednesday, we had a Chocolate Workshop where we got to make our own chocolate.  Yummy!



IMG_0503 IMG_0487 IMG_0557







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