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Year 4 blog

    Year 4 class blog!

Class 4s topic this last term is Islands.  We have been learning all about the geography of the world, including the continents and oceans as well as the largest and most well known islands in the world.  The children are currently investigating types of islands and how they have formed.  Our main focus has been Madagascar and the Galapagos islands.  Madagascar has inspired us to write some really descriptive stories.  We are currently watching the film and reading the book.  We chose this instead of George’s Marvellous Medicine as it suited our topic better and the children were excited about watching the film.  We will be moving onto non-chronological reports and persuasive writing by the end of the year.

This half term some of the children in Year 4 go on a school visit to Kelham Island to join in with the Build it event.  This involves children from all over South Yorkshire taking part in creating a miniature town by designing and making buildings and vehicles using a range of materials.

We are still having problems with some children not bringing PE kits.  As the weather is gradually getting warmer, it is important that the children have a PE kit including trainers or pumps in school on TUESDAY AND FRIDAY.

It is also important for children to complete homework and take home the sheets.  Please check that your child is bringing their homework home with them as there are lots of sheets left in the corridor and on the floor in class.  Well done to the children who consistently do their homework and bring it on time.  Homework is given out every WEDNESDAY  and should be handed in the following MONDAY. A lot of the homework set is now done through Mathletics.  The tasks should be done every week and will help to consolidate work done in class and improve arithmetic and problem solving skills.  It is important that these are completed.