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Year 3 blog

In Science, we have conducted an experiment looking at what flowers need to successfully grow. We have all planted our own flower, put it in sunlight and made sure they have had enough water. As well as planting our own flower, we have placed a flower in darkness (away from light) and not watered another. We will be checking our flowers again in a week to see if they have grown.


In year 3 we have conducted an experiment looking at how plants take up water. Even though our experiment didn’t go as planned, we still enjoyed carrying it out! Below are some of our pictures from the experiment.

Tuesday 21st March 2017

Throughout this half term, we have been continuing our Great Britain topic. We have been mini geographers and looked at: cities, rivers, seas and counties within Great Britain! Did you know there are over 40 counties in England? Ask us the countries and capital cities that make up Great Britain!