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Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are all refreshed ready for the new term.  Here is an overview of the term ahead.


Fractions and decimals will form a large part of this term’s maths.  This will include the following areas: calculating fractions of amounts and using these to solve problems; finding equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions; comparing and ordering fractions and decimals; and adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions (including those with different denominators).

The geometry aspects will focus on regular 2D shapes and quadrilaterals; translating and reflecting shapes using co-ordinates; and recognising, measuring and calculating angles.  For measurement, the focus will be on converting units of measurement; reading scales; and calculating the area and perimeter of shapes.  For statistics, we will revise how to read and interpret bar graphs and learn how to find the range and the mode.

We encourage the children to practise their multiplication tables regularly (at home and at school) to increase the speed and accuracy of their calculations.  We will continue with our Beat the Clock challenge to monitor progress.  We also ask that children complete a minimum of 3 Mathletics activities each week.


To link with our topic of ‘Great Britain’, much of our Literacy will be based around British myths and legends, such as Robin Hood and King Arthur.  This will include the following writing activities: reports; diaries; news reports; descriptions; and planning and writing their own legend.

The grammar and punctuation focuses will be: direct and reported speech; showing degrees of possibility by using adverbs or modal verbs; apostrophes for contraction and possession; and using punctuation for effect.

Weekly spellings (based on a particular rule or pattern) will continue to be sent home on a Wednesday and we ask that the children practise these regularly.  For homework, the children are to use the words in interesting sentences, paying particular attention to sentence openers and the correct use of punctuation.  The children will be tested on these words every Monday in the spelling/dictation test.  Please also encourage your child to continue to learn the Y3/4 key spellings (and in some cases the Y5/6 spellings).  The children can use Spellodrome to practise their spellings in a fun and interactive way.

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Emilie Todd for being our last mystery writer of 2016.  This was for her narrative writing based on the short film ‘Alma’.  She showed excellent characterisation and built up the suspense throughout.  Her writing included many of the features that we had been focusing on in class: relative clauses; subordinate clauses and varied sentence openers.  Well done, Emilie.


Congratulations to our next mystery writer – Katie Bebb.

Katie was chosen for her writing which described a character from a short video clip.  Not only did she include well-chosen adjectives and adverbs, she also used onomatopoeia and personification.  Her sentences were accurately structured with a wide range of fronted adverbials and correct punctuation.

      Here is a space where we as a class, can share and celebrate our exciting work and displays.

This Blog will be frequently updated with news and any information important to the class.

Keep Watching!


Dinosaur Week

This week has been very exiting, as we have been exploring all about Dinosaurs!

We have looked at all the different types of dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth. This topic has been great for both our literacy and maths work, as we can count the different details on the dinosaurs, or use little toy dinosaurs to add and take away.

For our literacy work, we have been writing lots of different facts and short sentences based around our favorite dinosaur which we chose.

We even made our own Dinosaur world with different areas for herbivores and Carnivores!

Take a Look!

DSCF0142 DSCF0150











Throughout this week, we have based our learning around the book ‘stick man’ by Julia Donaldson. We have been using it for our maths work, literacy work and even P.E!We have had the chance to make our own stick man, and we then used these to role play and recreate the story outside, which we took photos to write about in our literacy books.

Take A look!

DSCF41001 DSCF41011











Valentines Day!

All week we have been learning all about the celebration of Valentines day! We have enjoyed linking this day into PHSCE lessons, and learning about what it means to love someone, and what our feelings mean to us.

We also took the theme of love hearts, to learn all about what it means to keep our own heart healthy in our bodies!


Chinese New Year

To help celebrate the Chinese new year, we decided to learn all out the festivities that take place for this special event every year!

We enjoyed tasting some traditional Chinese foods that may be eaten over the new year. We also learnt about the different Zodiac signs and how each year has a different animal to represent it and how the Chinese lunar calendar calculates this.

4 new









Landmarks In London!

Welcome back to our blog, and Happy new Year!

This week we have looked at all the amazing famous landmarks in our capital city, London! This topic has been covered in all classes throughout school, and we even got chance to make 3 landmarks per class. We then displayed these in there true layout as they are in London, but in our school hall!

We had a lot of fun making these and learning about all the facts of our 3 chosen landmarks, which where Covent Garden flower market, Tower of London and Tate Modern gallery!

Take a look




Meet Chippy!

We have been so lucky in Reception class in Birdwell! We have been sent a elf from Santa to watch over our class.

He is here to make sure that we are being kind and good ready for Christmas. We chose the name by taking everyone’s suggestions and taking a class vote to pick our favourite.

He is very cheeky, as he hides in a different place every day and sometimes he plays tricks on us!DSCF5016




Toy week!

This week our topic has been all about toys! We even got the chance to bring in our favourite toys from home. We then used group discussion and questions to find out why children have chosen to bring that toy into school!

Children then chose to do some independent sentence writing about their toy, or what toy they would like.

Take a look











Last week was all about bones! We learnt about the 206 bones in our body and thought about how different bones do different things and support our body.

We also learnt how important it is to help our bones grow strong so they can be healthy. We said we can do this by eating dairy products and lots of calcium, as well as a nice healthy diet.

Take a look

DSCF6940 DSCF6941















Trip To Emergency Service Museum 

This week we were lucky enough to visit the Emergency Service Museum in Sheffield!

The trip was great fun, and we got to see lots of old fire engines and police vehicles, as well as lots of new ones too.

We learnt all about the history of the fire station and how it used to be a real police station and we even got to sit in the fire engine!

Take a look

IMG_5662 IMG_5640















Happy Halloween!

This week as part of our topic we were looking at Winnie the witch book. We even had our own witch day, and all dressed in witch hats and made broomsticks at forest school!

We created a witch tree in our classroom too!

Also as part of Halloween we made pumpkin soup which was delicious. We talked about how we follow instructions and looked at following a recipe!

Take a look!


h h


Awesome Autumn!

This week as the weather is starting to change into Autumn, we have been spending a lot more time outdoors. We have looked at the changing leaves, and the different colours on our school field. We have been holding natural materials such as conkers and pine cones, and talking about how they feel and the different details they have.

We have also been continuing our Andy Goldsworthy work and creating forest school artwork using the materials found in our forest school.



















Shoe week!

We have started learning about elves and the shoemaker. This week we have been talking about how shoes come in pairs and couples.

We even set up our own shoe shop! We have been learning lots of songs that are about shoes, such as cobbler, cobbler.








This week we have been focusing on writing our name. Making sure that the letters are formed correctly and the right pencil grip is used. We practiced writing on white boards, and writing with chalk outside!

Another way we formed them, was using small squares glued onto black card. The use of the small squares helped our fine motor skills improve too!

Take a look at what we have been up to.














Welcome to Birdwell Primary School!

This has been our first week at school. We have learnt so much already! We have looked at phonics, the letters and sounds this week have been s, a, t and p.

 Our artist we have been focusing on has been Andy Goldsworthy. We have recreated some of his work, such as pebble painting,stone stacking and leaf printing. Here are some examples of the work that we have created.

DSCF6006 DSCF6008 DSCF6014 DSCF6016DSCF6018

Well done to Holly Streets and Seth Garratt, who were chosen as our mystery writers last week.

The task was to describe a scene from a music stimulus, suggesting what they thought was happening, the atmosphere that it created and how it made them feel.  Not only did they both describe it in detail, they also used the areas of grammar and punctuation that we had been working on in class: adverbials of time; subordinate and relative clauses; and accurate use of commas.

After  completing a piece of writing, one child’s writing will be chosen as an excellent model for this particular style of writing.  Their work will be shared anonymously with the class for them to discuss what they like about it and to pick out excellent techniques used.  The class then get to find out who wrote it.

Well done to our first mystery writer – Curtis Kasza.

He was chosen for his story based on the ‘Night of the Museum’.  Description, action and dialogue were interwoven throughout, and characterisation was shown clearly.  He has a lovely style of writing and used varied vocabulary and phrases for effect.

         Here is a space where we as a class, can share and

celebrate our exciting work and displays.

This Blog will be updated with news and any information

important to the class.

Keep Watching!

Friday 27th January 2017


Why are some materials right for the job, and some materials wrong?

We tested this question by making special rockets for eggs, to see whether the egg would break or survive a drop. We all designed different shaped rockets using a mix of materials. We looked at what would be a sensible casing for the egg and we looked at what would protect the egg the best.

Take a look!





















Friday 20th January 2017

Cardboard London!

 We have looked at all the amazing famous landmarks in London! This topic has been covered in all classes throughout school, and we even got chance to make 3 landmarks per class. We then displayed these in there true layout as they are in London, but in our school hall.

In year 2, we made the Royal Albert hall, Shakespeare Globe theatre and Battersea Power station.

Take a look!

IMG_0324IMG_0298IMG_0302IMG_0284 (2)


















Friday 18th November 2016

Important Information for Parents

Following on from the parents consultations, and the information given about targets for the end of the year, here are the guidelines to be met by the end of the summer 2017 term.

These are for you to take a look, and support your child in any areas where they could use a boost.

DSCF6932 DSCF6931DSCF6930

Thursday 17th November 2016

Our Church Visit!

As part of our RE lessons we have been studying Christianity.

We have been looking at all the different symbols and beliefs in the religion.

Special thanks to Birdwell Methodist Chapel for letting us visit and even take part in some fun activities, we had a great time!

Take a look!

IMG_7804 IMG_7806

Tuesday 1st November 2016

Lady with the Lamp!

Here is our display for our current topic work all about Florence Nightingale.

We have discussed her life, and found out lots of information about all the amazing things that she did to make our hospitals so much better! We spoke about the impact she has had on our hospitals today, and how she cared for hundreds of people in the war.


Welcome to the Year 2 blog



During the first two weeks of the new half term, we focused on the artist Andy Goldsworthy. Children have researched information about the artist and replicated his work.

We sourced natural materials from the field and created art work using this.

Autumn Y2

Our new topic is ‘Night At The Museum’. We started the topic by watching the DVD as a stimulus. Children loved the film and will complete work around it. The literacy focus will be: writing a recount, character descriptions, story writing and up-levelling sentences.

In numeracy children will be concentrating on times tables, addition and place value.

PE is on a Monday and Tuesday.

Year 2 children have the opportunity to learn to play the recorder every Tuesday morning, with Mr Dodd who plays for one of the top 3 brass bands in the world!

Please continue to support your child with daily reading and weekly homework.







In Literacy, we have been studying the narrative poem, ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes.  The children have created wonderful pieces of written work and art work based on the poem, some of which can be seen on display in our classroom.  Thank you to Mrs Addy and Mrs Richardson for the terrific backdrop.

DSC_1316 (2)


One of our first tasks was to describe the highwayman.

DSC_0998 (2)

We then used the text to find out, and infer, information about Tim, the Ostler.

DSC_0995 (2)

When Bess was captured by King George’s men, we discussed the many thoughts that would be running through her mind.

DSC_1016 (2) DSC_1017 (2)













Next, we chose a character and wrote from their point of view.  Our aim was to ‘show’ how a character felt rather than to ‘say’ how they felt.  We also tried to include a range of figurative language into our writing and use fronted adverbials to vary how our sentences began.

DSC_1003 (2) DSC_1004 (2)DSC_1001 (2)



For homework, we researched famous highwaymen from the past and created a fact file about them.  These were put into a book for the class to read.

DSC_0993 (2) DSC_0996 (2)













The children created some wonderful pictures in the style of  Charles Keeping, the illustrator of the book.

DSC_1007 (2) DSC_1008 (2)

DSC_1009 (2)














We ended the half term by filming the children performing the poem in groups, using their voice, sound effects and actions.

A fantastic first half term in year 5.


Happy Harvest!

These are the scarecrows from our harvest festival!

This year the theme was scarecrows and we asked all the children in school to create their own scarecrow at home.

These are some of the creations that they have made, take a look!

DSCF6452DSCF6455 DSCF6456











Today, we visited the Discovery Centre in Leeds.  We were very excited to be taken into the large store room where we saw many different wonderful things from the past.  We learnt about the importance of keeping the room cool and dark to protect the items and also about keeping some behind glass. 







We were given the opportunity to use a microscope to look close up at some of the insects which could cause damage to the items.



We were also given a task of cleaning minerals; for this, we needed to wear gloves.



Andrew, our education officer, answered our many questions about the items and his job.  It was a very enjoyable and informative visit.


As part of our learning in R.E., we found out all about the festival called ‘The Day of the Dead’.  Although the decorated skulls might remind you of Halloween, the ‘Day of the Dead’ is not a scary time; it is a celebration to honour deceased relatives.  We produced some fantastic writing and art work linked to this celebration.



Day of the Dead