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In Science, we have conducted an experiment looking at what flowers need to successfully grow. We have all planted our own flower, put it in sunlight and made sure they have had enough water. As well as planting our own flower, we have placed a flower in darkness (away from light) and not watered another. We will be checking our flowers again in a week to see if they have grown.


        Here is a space where we as a class, can share and celebrate our exciting work and displays.

This Blog will be frequently updated with news and any information important to the class.

Keep Watching!


Happy Easter

Today has been the Easter coffee morning, where we sing our assembly songs in front of parents and carers and get the chance to win prizes in the raffle!

We had lots of fun, and we even had a competition for the best easter bonnet and the best decorated egg.

Take a look at some of our Easter bonnets.

DSCF0355 DSCF0356 DSCF0358




















This week we have been learning all about chocolate! We have been looking into the history of chocolate and how it is made.

Its exciting to learn about the way the cacao pods are grown and how the beans are harvested from inside the pods, and then the process of making these into chocolate.

We have also used some chocolate to demonstrate fractions, and sharing parts equally. We spoke about dividing the chocolate into halves and quarters.

Take a look at some of the work from our topic!

DSCF0305 DSCF0308[1]20170403_114249[1]







Dinosaur Week

This week has been very exciting, as we have been exploring all about Dinosaurs!

We have looked at all the different types of dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth. This topic has been great for both our literacy and maths work, as we can count the different details on the dinosaurs, or use little toy dinosaurs to add and take away.

For our literacy work, we have been writing lots of different facts and short sentences based around our favorite dinosaur which we chose from a selection.

We even made our own Dinosaur World with different areas for herbivores and carnivores!

Take a Look!

DSCF0142 DSCF0150











Throughout this week, we have based our learning around the book ‘stick man’ by Julia Donaldson. We have been using it for our maths work, literacy work and even P.E! We have had the chance to make our own stick man, and we then used these to role play and recreate the story outside, which we took photos to write about in our literacy books.

Take a look!

DSCF41001 DSCF41011











Valentines Day!

All week we have been learning all about the celebration of Valentines day! We have enjoyed linking this day into PHSCE lessons, and learning about what it means to love someone, and what our feelings mean to us.

We also took the theme of love hearts, to learn all about what it means to keep our own heart healthy in our bodies!


Chinese New Year

To help celebrate the Chinese new year, we decided to learn all out the festivities that take place for this special event every year!

We enjoyed tasting some traditional Chinese foods that may be eaten over the new year. We also learnt about the different Zodiac signs and how each year has a different animal to represent it and how the Chinese lunar calendar calculates this.

4 new









Landmarks In London!

Welcome back to our blog, and Happy new Year!

This week we have looked at all the amazing famous landmarks in our capital city, London! This topic has been covered in all classes throughout school, and we even got chance to make 3 landmarks per class. We then displayed these in there true layout as they are in London, but in our school hall!

We had a lot of fun making these and learning about all the facts of our 3 chosen landmarks, which where Covent Garden flower market, Tower of London and Tate Modern gallery!

Take a look




Meet Chippy!

We have been so lucky in Reception class in Birdwell! We have been sent a elf from Santa to watch over our class.

He is here to make sure that we are being kind and good ready for Christmas. We chose the name by taking everyone’s suggestions and taking a class vote to pick our favourite.

He is very cheeky, as he hides in a different place every day and sometimes he plays tricks on us!DSCF5016




Toy week!

This week our topic has been all about toys! We even got the chance to bring in our favourite toys from home. We then used group discussion and questions to find out why children have chosen to bring that toy into school!

Children then chose to do some independent sentence writing about their toy, or what toy they would like.

Take a look











Last week was all about bones! We learnt about the 206 bones in our body and thought about how different bones do different things and support our body.

We also learnt how important it is to help our bones grow strong so they can be healthy. We said we can do this by eating dairy products and lots of calcium, as well as a nice healthy diet.

Take a look

DSCF6940 DSCF6941















Trip To Emergency Service Museum 

This week we were lucky enough to visit the Emergency Service Museum in Sheffield!

The trip was great fun, and we got to see lots of old fire engines and police vehicles, as well as lots of new ones too.

We learnt all about the history of the fire station and how it used to be a real police station and we even got to sit in the fire engine!

Take a look

IMG_5662 IMG_5640















Happy Halloween!

This week as part of our topic we were looking at Winnie the witch book. We even had our own witch day, and all dressed in witch hats and made broomsticks at forest school!

We created a witch tree in our classroom too!

Also as part of Halloween we made pumpkin soup which was delicious. We talked about how we follow instructions and looked at following a recipe!

Take a look!


h h


Awesome Autumn!

This week as the weather is starting to change into Autumn, we have been spending a lot more time outdoors. We have looked at the changing leaves, and the different colours on our school field. We have been holding natural materials such as conkers and pine cones, and talking about how they feel and the different details they have.

We have also been continuing our Andy Goldsworthy work and creating forest school artwork using the materials found in our forest school.



















Shoe week!

We have started learning about elves and the shoemaker. This week we have been talking about how shoes come in pairs and couples.

We even set up our own shoe shop! We have been learning lots of songs that are about shoes, such as cobbler, cobbler.








This week we have been focusing on writing our name. Making sure that the letters are formed correctly and the right pencil grip is used. We practiced writing on white boards, and writing with chalk outside!

Another way we formed them, was using small squares glued onto black card. The use of the small squares helped our fine motor skills improve too!

Take a look at what we have been up to.














Welcome to Birdwell Primary School!

This has been our first week at school. We have learnt so much already! We have looked at phonics, the letters and sounds this week have been s, a, t and p.

 Our artist we have been focusing on has been Andy Goldsworthy. We have recreated some of his work, such as pebble painting,stone stacking and leaf printing. Here are some examples of the work that we have created.

DSCF6006 DSCF6008 DSCF6014 DSCF6016DSCF6018DSCF0308[1]

We have had some excellent debates around what makes a person ‘great’ and who should be included as a ‘Great Briton’. The class voted Alexander Fleming in first place, followed by Winston Churchill in second and Stephen Hawking in third. Thanks again to everyone who contributed suggestions for us!

In year 3 we have conducted an experiment looking at how plants take up water. Even though our experiment didn’t go as planned, we still enjoyed carrying it out! Below are some of our pictures from the experiment.

After reading and studying many different British legends, the children have written their own legends.   They have worked extremely hard on these, editing and improving them continuously, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them.  These will be made into books for others to read – I’m sure that you’ll enjoy reading them too.

Well done to our final mystery writer of the term - Layla Armitage.  Her legend was written in the correct style and she managed to interweave action, description and dialogue throughout.  Her sentence types were varied, including relative clauses and subordinate clauses, and she worked extremely hard to include a wide variety of punctuation.  Preferring to print at the beginning of the year, Layla now produces beautiful, joined-up handwriting which is lovely to see.

As Easter rapidly approaches, we will be doing a short topic (for two weeks) based around chocolate.  We will be looking at where chocolate comes from, who discovered it and how it is made.  We will also be designing and advertising our own chocolate bars.  In the afternoon of Wednesday 5th April, we will be having a chocolate workshop.

Thank you to all the family members who contributed suggestions for our ‘Greatest Britons’ debate. Winston Churchill won the adult vote, followed by Alexander Fleming and then Florence Nightingale. Over the next few weeks, we will be learning more about the people suggested, ready to hold our own vote. We’ll let you know who we choose once we’ve had our debate.

As part of our topic in the summer term, we will be making models of the Easter Island statues. If you have any shoe boxes, or other sturdy boxes of a similar size/ shape, please could you bring them into school for us. Thank you!

Tuesday 21st March
In topic we have nearly finished learning about Great Britain. We have been locating the different cities and researching information about them. Ask your child what they know. Can they name a city? What do they know about that place?
Our next topic will be all about – Chocolate! We will be finding out where it comes from and how it is made. Children will be writing a non-chronological report about chocolate. They will also be writing instructions for making a chocolate bar.
In numeracy we will be moving onto measures. Encourage your child to think about the length and weight of different objects. Which is the heaviest? Lightest? Longest? Shortest? 
Please continue to encourage your child to read. We are making good progress with the reading comprehensions.
Children are still enjoying Mathletics and compete to wear the mathletics band!
Thank you for your continued support.


Tuesday 21st March 2017

Throughout this half term, we have been continuing our Great Britain topic. We have been mini geographers and looked at: cities, rivers, seas and counties within Great Britain! Did you know there are over 40 counties in England? Ask us the countries and capital cities that make up Great Britain!