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Aims of the School

Our overall aim is to help your children feel happy and secure during their time at Birdwell. We can only do this if we work as a partnership with you, the parents.

  1. The school is seen as a learning community and that strong links are further developed in the wider community.
  2. All children fulfil their learning potential and achieve a high level of attainment through providing the opportunity for independence and creativity.
  3. The children leave Birdwell School with values of citizenship. They demonstrate care for each other, are well behaved and have a record of their achievement.
  4. Together we create a purposeful, enjoyable atmosphere in school.
  5. There are high expectations from all, parents, children, staff and the community so that children can pursue their ambition.

At Birdwell Primary School:

  1. We are here to learn
  2. We do our best
  3. We are kind and well behaved
  4. Together we try hard and enjoy ourselves
  5. We expect the best and follow our dreams

We promote a caring ethos and invite prospective parents into school so that they   are able to have a feel for the school. Our core values of the school are reflected in our 3 year goals:-

By March 2014 we will:

  1. Create an environment of stability so we can continue to focus on raising standards in turbulent times
  2. Give children a greater opportunity to look outwardly to develop a greater global/religious awareness
  3. Continue to develop the teaching of citizenship through instilling our core values and principals of Commitment to improve, Achievement for all, Teamwork, Respect, Openness and Honesty, Feedback and Accountability.By March 2017
    1. Continue to raise standards within the context of developing well rounded individuals who are learning the skills for life and the ability to adapt to change.
    2. Produce confident, enthusiastic learners for the 21st Century who have a good knowledge and understanding of computing and technology.
    3. Within the context of our school values we will develop citizens who are proud, respectful and embrace equality for all.