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After School Clubs

Here at Birdwell Primary School we offer children the opportunity to join after school clubs which run shortly after school has finished at 3.30 p.m. and run for 60 or 90 minutes. Parents are responsible for making arrangements to collect their children safely from school at the end of these sessions. If your child is signed up for a club, please notify us if they are unable to attend any of the sessions. There will be a small charge for the resources to run the clubs. Any children wishing to join any of these sessions are most welcome. Further information about how to join can be found below.



Our Maths Club meets every Wednesday evening

The Number Fun Club meets every Wednesday evening from 3.30 pm until 4.45 pm.  It is run by Mrs. Atkinson, and costs £2.00.  This club is for children from Year 1 upwards.

The children are invited to play a wide range of activities and games which are numbers based.  These games teach children a number of valuable skills from number recognition and encouraging the ability to count and pattern recognition such as dominoes to more advance co-ordinate and memory skills where strategy is huge component. Children will learn how to both win sportingly and lose gracefully.  The Number Fun Club will enhance their memory skills as well as their attention span and allow them to play games in a stimulating environment.



The  Choir is run by Mrs. Atkinson.  It takes place on Mondays from 3.30 pm until 5 pm and costs £2.00.  Every voice matters irrespective on the ability.  This club is for all ages throughout school from Year 1 to Y6.

Singing develops a child’s sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.  Children derive great joy and satisfaction from singing and learn that music expresses their feelings and ideas and is one of the first experiences children have as creative and self-expressive beings.  The children are given a varied repertoire of beautiful songs that they can keep on singing for the rest of their lives. Self-expression through singing affords a child deep satisfaction and contentment.  The rock choir creates a sense of togetherness and teaches much more than music alone.  Children develop listening and cooperative skills, coordination of the tongue and lips, gross and fine motor skills (through creative movement and keeping the beat), self-control, concentration skills and memory. The choir sings annually at the Young Voices Concert at Sheffield Arena.  They have sung at weddings of their teachers, and regularly take part in school performances.


Football Club

Children must be collected by a responsible adult at 4:30pm a kit and shin pads along with rubber studs or astro turf footwear is required.

Football training is run by Gary who is a qualified football coach. It runs all through the football season every Tuesday evening between 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm. Football competitions are entered and is open to all children from year one to year six with an interest in playing football. The cost of the training is £2.00 every training day. Anyone interested in joining the training should turn up for training wearing full kit including shorts/jogging trousers, tee-shirt/jogging top, trainers and shin pads MUST always be worn.


Rugby Club

The after-school rugby will run every week until October half term. (even during inclement weather) on Thursdays from 3.30pm until 4.30pm prompt at a cost of £2.00 for Key Stage 2 children, supervised by Mr. Crouch and Mrs. Atkinson.

Rugby is a multi-faceted sport requiring a high degree of all-round fitness. The objective of this after-school club is to learn the core values of Rugby.  It is a fast growing major sport attracting more people than ever to enjoy a vibrant game. Children will be taught the principles that lie at the heart of the game i.e. teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship to become skillful, confident and resourceful and to develop with simple drills, tips and advice on the following skills areas, tackling, passing, line-outs, ruck & maul, attack, footwork and evasion, defensive systems and kicking.

This after school club welcomes all children in Key Stage 2 who are interested in learning rugby skills, consent forms can be obtained from Mrs. Atkinson prior to attending.

Children are requested to attend in their P.E. kits and trainers or boots and a weatherproof kagoule and MUST have a drinks bottle.

WARNING – some weeks, the children will be extremely muddy!