Tuesday 21st March 2017

Throughout this half term, we have been continuing our Great Britain topic. We have been mini geographers and looked at: cities, rivers, seas and counties within Great Britain! Did you know there are over 40 counties in England? Ask us the countries and capital cities that make up Great Britain!



In literacy, we have focused on poetry, letter writing, character descriptions and non-chronological reports! As a whole, we enjoyed learning the Great Britain poem the most as we performed the poems and even create our own actions!


We have our new VCOP (vocabulary, conjunctions, openers and punctuation) wall up in our classroom. The two writing frames are for children who use all of VCOP within a piece of writing. Our current writing champions are Chloe and Alfie!



In maths this half term we have had focused on fractions. We have found fractions of amounts, equivalent fractions and have ordered fractions! We will be moving onto measurement for the rest of the half term, looking at length, weight and capacity!



As our topic has come to an end we will be beginning our new topic – chocolate! Where we will be designing our own chocolate bar as well as looking at where chocolate comes from.

Please remember that maths homework is now set on Mathletics.