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In the interest of safety could we please request that parent’s and carers dropping off and collecting their children before and after school are considerate of other users and local residents. The road is narrow and can become very busy at these times.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website. While browsing our site take a look at some of our children’s work. We hope that you will find our site friendly, easy to navigate and informative. Each page has a home button that will take you back to the home page at any time where you can continue your journey through our site. We have included a links page where you will find links to some very interesting sites for everyone, even those bored children on those rainy days!

Please see our School Booklet page, which contains more details and information about our school.

Birdwell Primary School’s Aims

1) The school is seen as a learning community and that strong links are further developed in the wider community.

2) All children fulfil their learning potential and achieve a high level of attainment through providing the opportunity for independence and creativity.

3)The children leave Birdwell school with values of citizenship. They demonstrate care for each other and are well behaved.

4)Together we create a purposeful, enjoyable atmosphere in school.

5)There are high expectations from all, parents, children, staff and the community so that children can pursue their ambition.

At Birdwell Primary School

We are here to learn.

We do our best.

We are kind and well behaved.

Together we try hard and enjoy ourselves.


June Dates

Tues. 6th Drama festival + Y5 Lamproom

12th -16th June Y1 phonics screening

Tues. 13th Class photos

Thurs. 15th Build It

Fri. 16th p.m KS1 and R music taster

Mon. 19th Y1/Y2 trip to The Deep

Wed. 21st a.m Y5 visit to Kirk Balk

Instagram support & links

Instagram requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account (in some jurisdictions, this age limit may be higher). If your child is younger than 13 and created an account on Instagram, you can show them how to delete their account.

If you’d like to report an account belonging to someone under 13 or if you believe someone is impersonating your child who’s under 13, please fill out this form. In order to delete a child’s account, we’ll need to verify that the child is under 13.

To learn more about our policies, read our Terms of Use.

United Kingdom (English) in collaboration with Safer Internet Centre

Safety Tips

Read about best practices on Instagram in our Community Guidelines.

Learn more about keeping your account safe with these security tips.

https://en-gb.facebook.com/safety/groups/parents/ - copy this link into the address bar for support in using FB.

National Crime Agency provides free resources for parents to

support the protection of children

The National Crime Agency’s CEOP Command has developed Thinkuknow, an education programme providing education about,  relationships and the internet to reduce children and young people’s vulnerability to different forms of  abuse and exploitation.

Thinkuknow also provides a website for parents and carers, supporting them in understanding and responding to the risks their children may face as they grow. The site covers a broad range of issues from online safety and sexting. www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents


Coming soon an exciting new menu for September 2017

Here is the new school dinners menu for September 2016/17 

All meals are freshly prepared on site daily  and are free to children in Reception, Year1 & Year 2. Children’s meals are £1.90 per meal for

Years 3  through to 6.


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week 2 menu week 3 menu