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We hope you enjoy your visit to our website. While browsing our site take a look at some of our children’s work. We hope that you will find our site friendly, easy to navigate and informative. Each page has a home button that will take you back to the home page at any time where you can continue your journey through our site. We have included a links page where you will find links to some very interesting sites for everyone, even those bored children on those rainy days!

Please see our School Booklet page, which contains more details and information about our school.

Birdwell Primary School’s Aims

1) The school is seen as a learning community and that strong links are further developed in the wider community.

2) All children fulfil their learning potential and achieve a high level of attainment through providing the opportunity for independence and creativity.

3)The children leave Birdwell school with values of citizenship. They demonstrate care for each other and are well behaved.

4)Together we create a purposeful, enjoyable atmosphere in school.

5)There are high expectations from all, parents, children, staff and the community so that children can pursue their ambition.

At Birdwell Primary School

We are here to learn.

We do our best.

We are kind and well behaved.

Together we try hard and enjoy ourselves.


Christmas Events 2017



Our Facebook Posts

Birdwell Primary School
Birdwell Primary School11 hours ago
Well done to Mrs Rae and the kitchen team who have had their Food Hygiene inspection by environmental health today. They have contined to keep their scores on the doors rating of 5. Meals continue to be prepared on site using fresh local sourced ingredients. As part of enhancing the winter menu Meat pie will be back on the menu replacing the Quorn meatballs from January.
Birdwell Primary School
Birdwell Primary School11 hours ago
Look at our lovely Christmas displays!!! Big thanks to Mrs Addy and the children 🎄🎄
Birdwell Primary School
Birdwell Primary School2 days ago
Polite notice
Please consider the local residents when parking on Haygreen Lane at drop off and collection times. Please park safely 👍🏻
The club car park can be used whilst dropping off and collecting children 😊
Birdwell Primary School
Birdwell Primary School3 days ago
If you would like to add your hopes and wishes to the prayer window in the main entrance please feel free to anonymously write them on the display in pencil 🎄
Birdwell Primary School
Birdwell Primary School1 week ago
Mrs Bruck has a new Facebook page for her class.
Search “Birdwell Primary School Fantastic Foundation”
And hit the like button!
She will keep parents updated with the latest news on Reception class and their learning 🤗

Menu 2017/18

Coming soon an exciting new menu for September 2017

Here is the new school dinners menu for September 2017/18 

All meals are freshly prepared on site daily  and are free to children in Reception, Year1 & Year 2. Children’s meals are £1.90 per meal for

Years 3  through to 6.


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menu 1

Menu 2

menu 3